We love ABM. Our preferred method is domain name rather than company names, but we can work with both. We will build out the necessary contact data against your defined accounts and deliver qualified digital leads with minimal fuss.
Our CRM is at the heart of what we do. We use it to setup each of your digital campaigns. We add data, store and distribute digital content, track responses, monitor qualification and finally report and supply qualified leads to you.
All our marketing campaigns are delivered on a CPL and volume basis. During the proposal stage we will identify your ideal customer data profile, so we can quantify the target market and the volume of qualified leads we can deliver to you. Right from the start you will have lead numbers and a budget at your fingertips.
All of our data, digital and qualification work is conducted from our Brighton based contact centre in the UK, we never outsource to any other firms and you’re welcome to visit and see us in action. We also have a registered USA business, One Radar Inc. This acts as a sales office for ease of conducting business with our US based clients.
We consistently here from our clients that along with high quality digital leads, content campaigns need to be delivered on time and in the agreed format. The importance of this cannot be under estimated. Through our quality team we ensure a steady delivery of leads from start to completion date. All leads will meet the necessary campaign criteria and be delivered in the required format.
Our IT team has delivered 100’s of weird and wonderful integrations to ensure you get your leads delivered in the best way possible. Whether you prefer a plain old excel file once a week or a live API integration we have got it covered.
We work with some of the world’s leading tech giants and their media partners. We are bound by client confidentiality on the web because our clients don’t like their competitors knowing how they gain a competitive edge for their digital campaigns. But we can talk in confidence with you about the projects we’ve delivered, nearly 8000 campaigns in 8 years!
We have a Media Pack but for client confidentiality we can’t distribute it online. However, we can email you a link. Email your request to: [email protected]
We find many of our clients like a quick turnaround and want to know upfront what volume of leads and what cost per lead we can guarantee for their campaign. In just 10 minutes we can do a ‘quick quote’ for you. Grab a coffee and give us a call on 01273 808 424 (UK) or (917) 932 0033 (US) or email your request to: [email protected]
Like the legendary “Pepsi challenge versus Coca Cola” from the 1980’s you can ‘taste test’ us against any other lead generation vendor and more often than not, we come out on top! Our experience and know how is why people prefer us and keep coming back time after time. Take the Radar ‘Taste Test’, a low risk introductory campaign!